Creative Options to Help Elderly Homeowners Afford a New Furnace

Living on a limited income is difficult for any age group, but it is especially hard for people who are elderly with their home as their only asset. When homeowners find themselves in this situation, they may lack the financial means to pay for necessary home maintenance needs, such as a new furnace or heater. If you have parents, grandparents, friends or acquaintances that desperately need a new furnace to make their home safe and warm, yet lack the financial ability to pay for it, the following options may help.  

Organize Family Funding

Children and other immediate family members are often in the best position to assist elderly relatives with finding a way to pay for a new furnace or other necessary home repair or maintenance need. Consider holding an extended family meeting and asking for a small donation from each person. If this is not possible, consider one or more of the following possibilities to help the elderly homeowners raise the needed funds:

  • helping them clean out their garage, basement or attic and sell unneeded items at yard sales or on online classified sites
  • helping them sell off unused vehicles, boats, campers and lawn equipment
  • helping them arrange to sell off unneeded acreage, if the home is on a larger parcel of land

Utilize Crowd Funding

If the elderly homeowners have no family members who can contribute to the cost, consider helping them utilize a crowd funding option to help raise enough money to cover the cost of the new furnace. To get the most support when using this option, make sure to include a photo of the elderly homeowner and some information about their situation that will help to stimulate maximum interest.

Find Available Church & Community Sources of Funding

If the elderly homeowners belong to a local church, make an appointment to speak with the pastor, priest or other church leader about their situation. Many churches maintain funds to help their membership with temporal needs. Even if no funds are available through the church, they can direct you to another local source of funding that may be able to help, such as civic organizations in the area.

In addition to exploring options through the church, another community-centric way to raise money for a need like this is to hold some type of traditional fundraiser, such as:

  • chili suppers, cake walks, bake sales, pie auctions
  • raffles and contests
  • turkey shoots
  • marathons, motorcycle poker runs or an old-fashioned dance contest

Utilizing this type of traditional fundraiser can not only help raise the money needed for the elderly homeowner to make the needed repair, it can also help them make new friends among the members of the community and provide them with emotional support in the future.

Federal, State & Non-Profit Funding Sources

Federal and state funding programs exist to help the elderly with necessary home repairs in many states. To provide the most benefits, look for programs that are distributed as grants or other forms of assistance that do not require repayment. National and worldwide non-profits are another potential source of assistance for an elderly homeowner in need of a new furnace, especially if their need has escalated to emergency status due to weather conditions or heating equipment that is unsafe to use. 

When embarking on your quest to help an elderly homeowner find a way to pay for a much-needed new furnace, always begin by speaking with a reputable heating contractor in your area. They can help you determine the most cost-effective solution for the homeowner, as well as provide timely information on any rebates or discounts that might help you achieve your goal. For more information, contact companies like Quality HomEnergy.