Four Reasons Propane Makes A Great Heating Fuel

Propane is not the most popular heating fuel in the United States. (Natural gas is.) But that does not mean it's not an excellent choice. If you're considering whether to purchase a home with propane heating -- or whether to have a propane system installed in your new home -- consider these benefits of propane as you make your decision.

You can store propane on your own property.

With propane heating, you typically buy or rent a storage tank that sits on your land. You make plans to have your fuel company come fill the tank as needed. This makes fuel costs easy to pay for. Instead of waiting for a monthly bill to arrive and hoping it's not too high, you can monitor your propane use and start preparing for the cost of filling the tank when you see it's getting close to empty. You can also shop around for the best prices between various propane supply companies.

Propane won't harm the environment.

If you have oil-based heating, you always have to worry about leaks, which can cause substantial damage to the land and water supply. Propane, however, is a gas. If you have a leak, it will just dissipate without causing damage. Further, propane is non-toxic to humans and pets. The gas is made to smell like rotten eggs so that if there is a leak, you can detect it easily and have it addressed.

Propane is considered a green fuel.

Propane is widely considered to be an eco-friendly and clean-burning fuel. This is because it generates little pollution when burned. Though it is a fossil fuel, it is still available in large quantities, and most is obtained domestically in the United States. So, you're not generally supporting the overseas transport of fuel when you're using propane.

Propane is affordable.

Fuel costs are always changing, and it's true that natural gas is often cheaper than propane. However, heating your home with propane is generally much cheaper than heating with oil or with electricity. Propane has hovered around $2 per gallon for the last three years, and the average tank has a 400 gallon capacity. Though needs vary based on home size and climate, many people get away with having their tank filled about once a year.

It's easy to write of propane as a heating fuel choice because it's not the most common option. However, with the benefits above, you can bet that more homeowners will be turning to propane soon.