Heating System Tips

Your heating unit is something that you most likely treasure but do not realize it. Turning on the heat when it gets into the colder months is something that everyone appreciates. However, keeping that heating system up and running at peak performance an sometimes be tough. You want to make sure that you are doing everything that you can in order to keep things working properly. While it can be difficult to keep everything working properly, there are a few different things that you can do to help your heating system run properly. 

Clean The Ducts

Think about what happens to your body when you have something stuck in your veins or arteries: it is called a clot and can be fatal. Well, when your air ducts are not clean it is a lot like your heating system having a clot. Your air ducts can build up an incredible amount of debris in just a short time, and when that occurs it can be very bad for you system. You can clean your air ducts with a vacuum fairly adequately. Take off the vent covers and try to vacuum as much of the debris out of the vent as possible. This is a great way to clean the ducts, however once every other year it is a good idea to have the air ducts professionally cleaned.

The Filter 

A very important component to the heating system is going to be the filter system. The filter is what keeps the dust and the dirt out of the system. However, if your filter system is damaged or has collected to much dust, it will start to malfunction. Check your filter and if it has a significant amount of dust, simply replace the filter. These filters are sold very cheaply, and are usually straightforward and simple to change out. 


Depending on how often you are using the furnace, you will want to have a technician look at the furnace once a year. This allows the technician to make sure that all of the components of the system are working properly. If they are allowed to do this once a year, they will be able to stop and fix potential big problems before they even occur. It may seem like a burden to have a heating technician come into the home every year, but it could save you a lot of money in the long run.