Keep Your House Toasty Warm This Winter

Nothing feels better than coming in from the cold on a winter day, into the warmth of your own home. If your house isn't much warmer inside than outside, you are heating it inefficiently. Make your house a refuge from the cold this winter by using these four tips:

1. Insulate your house.

Older homes tend to be poorly insulated. This is usually because at the time of construction, insulation technology was lacking. Insulation is key to keeping your home at a comfortable temperature all winter. It will help to keep cold air out, while keeping the warm air from your heating system inside. By hiring a team of professional contractors, you can have your home insulated quickly and effectively before winter arrives.

2. Make sure your heater is in good shape.

Your heater supplies all the necessary heat to your home. No matter what sort of heating system you have, forced air, radiant, or hot water heating, you will have better results if your heater is in tip-top shape. Before winter arrives, carefully inspect your heater for signs of damage. It may have accumulated dust over the year, so take the time to thoroughly clean it. It's a good idea to call an HVAC specialist to service your residential heating system before you start using it this winter. This can allow you to catch any problems early and fix them before they become expensive. 

3. Keep your heating system's vents clear.

If you utilize a type of residential heating that sends hot air through ducts, you'll want to make sure your vents are clear. Be mindful of where each vent is in the room and avoid placing furniture and other objects on top or in front of it. Placing flammable objects in front of heating vents can create a fire hazard. It also reduces your heating system's efficacy by preventing hot air from circulating.

4. Keep the windows closed.

If you've ever been in a house that was overheated, you're probably familiar with the desire to crack a window and let some cold air in. However, this can quickly cool your home more than desired. It also drives up your energy bill for no reason. If you often find yourself feeling too warm, adjust your thermostat rather than opening a window. Keep your thermostat at a steady temperature that does not require you to ventilate your house. Remember you can always grab a blanket if you need a little extra warmth.