AC Terminology And Possible Issues

You might not realize just how many working parts your AC has beyond the filter, the registers, and the thermostat. However, there are a lot more parts than this. By learning more about your air conditioning system, you will be in a better place to recognize problems and be able to explain where they are coming from. Here is information on some of the important parts of your air conditioning system.


The condenser is the large unit that is located outside of your home and it houses the compressor. If you hear noises that sound like whistles, rattles, squeaks, squeals, bangs, or anything else coming from this unit, then it means something is going on with the inside components. The issue can be anything from a problem with a belt or a hose, to broken parts. A technician should come out to look into any new noises.


The compressor is the part of the air conditioner that cools the air by compressing the refrigerant to cause a reaction that forces the refrigerant into the condenser coil where the refrigerant will be cooled into liquid form.


The evaporator takes the air brought in through the unit's return and removes the heat from it by using the refrigerant and by working with the compressor.


The refrigerant is a liquid that is used by the different parts of the air conditioning system to produce cold air. Your air conditioning system should hold the refrigerant in without the need to have more put in. However, even a small leak can leave your AC not cooling the air correctly. If you are having issues with cooling, a tech will need to come out, fix the leak, and add more refrigerant to replace what leaked out.


The ducts are the passageways that go through your house to take air to the condenser where it is cooled by the components and then bring the cool air back and distribute it into the rooms. The ducts are an important part of your AC system. If you hear a whistling sound in the house or you notice the air isn't coming out as strong as it normally does, then there may be a leak in the ducts and a tech should come out to inspect the ducts for problems. You should also have the ducts cleaned periodically so the air that comes out of them will be clean.

For more information, contact an AC repair service.