3 Benefits Of Choosing A Heat Pump

If you live in a more moderate climate, you might find that installing a heat pump is a better alternative to installing a more traditional heating and air conditioning system in your home. These are some of the benefits that you can enjoy if you choose a heat pump for your home. 1. It Helps with Both Heating and Cooling Even though it might be hard to tell from the name, a heat pump isn't designed just to keep your home warm during the winter. [Read More]

Why You Shouldn't Attempt Your Own Water Heater Repairs

Even though it's not often thought about, since it might be tucked away out-of-sight in your basement or in a closet somewhere, your water heater is an important appliance that you and the others in your household might really depend on. If you have been having trouble with the hot water in your home, then you could be thinking about trying to fix your water heater yourself. However, it's usually not a good idea for homeowners to repair their own water heaters. [Read More]

Switching Between Swamp Cooling And Refrigeration In A Changing Climate

Residents of all states are now facing an upcoming environmental change that will eventually hit them if it hasn't yet: changing humidity boundaries. That means the cooling systems that worked before may not work as well now for at least part of the year, leading to noticeable discomfort at home. It may be time for residents to re-evaluate what they have and what they want in terms of cooling systems. [Read More]

Good Or Bad? A Breakdown On Advice For Your A/C

Everyone receives advice on their air conditioning system. Unfortunately, not all of it is good advice. In fact, some of it just flat out doesn't make any sense at all, but if you aren't an expert, you may not know any better. Here is a breakdown on some of the advice that you may have received in the past about your A/C. 1. Temperature Setting Bad Advice: Maintain the same temperature setting whether you are at home or away from home so that you aren't constantly messing with your thermostat. [Read More]