Three Important Things To Know About Your New Heating System

While a new furnace might seem complicated, proper upkeep and maintenance requires only some basic knowledge to ensure your system runs smoothly and without any untimely surprises during the cold months. Knowing the basics about your system can help you take care of your system when it's time to turn it on after months without use, but also how to greater assist any technicians -- and possibly help you save you time and money in the process. [Read More]

Need A Refrigerant Fill Up In Your HVAC System? First Determine Where The Refrigerant Is Leaking From

If you have been told or just think that your HVAC system needs refrigerant, then the refrigerant currently in the unit is leaking from somewhere. Before a technician fills it back up, they will determine where the leak is and repair it for you. Below are some symptoms your system will be having if you are actually low on refrigerant, and common places the HVAC technician will find the refrigerant leaking from: [Read More]

Understanding Some Of The Different Fuel Grade Options That Are Available

If you have recently moved into a home that has a heating oil system, then you will need to get used to purchasing heating oil. This can be confusing for some individuals, especially since heating oil furnaces are not nearly as common as natural gas and electric varieties. There are many companies throughout the United States that sell and deliver the oil, and you may be asked to choose a specific grade of the fuel. [Read More]

Improve Your Airflow By Changing Your Air Filters

Heating and cooling your home can be one of your biggest monthly expenses. You will probably notice that your electricity bill spike when you are relying on your furnace or air conditioner on a daily basis. Of course, in some climates, you can't really avoid daily usage of these electricity-hogging appliances. But, there are a few effective ways that you can increase the efficiency of your heater and air conditioner. This article explains a small project that can make your system more efficient by improving airflow: [Read More]