What To Do When Your Heating Bill Is On The Rise

Keeping your house warm and toasty comes with a price. Sure, it feels good to walk into a pleasantly heated home after a hard day at work. The coziness is second to none and you probably can't wait to kick off your shoes, grab a mug of hot chocolate and relax in front of your favorite TV show. At first, your heating expenses may not have been too much of a problem. [Read More]

Remember The AC Problems You Faced Last Summer? 3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Air Conditioner

Winter may still be in full swing, but now's the time to start thinking about home improvements, especially if you're expecting a sizable tax refund. Tax season is the perfect time to get a jump start on the home improvement projects you want to tackle this year. If you've been postponing the replacement of your current air conditioner, you might want to get that improvement off the back burner. If you're not sure that AC replacement is a priority right now, take a quick look at the information provided below. [Read More]

The Top Reasons To Call A Heating Contractor As Soon As Possible

When should you call a heating contractor? While some heating and air issues don't require professional service, as a homeowner you need to understand when to contact an expert. If you're not sure what qualifies as a reason to call, take a look at the times you need to call an HVAC company ASAP. A Strange Smell Does your furnace use natural gas as a fuel source? Natural gas has a rotten egg odor added for detection. [Read More]

Why Invest In Central Heating?

When you first move into a house without heat, your first instinct might be to purchase a space heater. Space heaters are extremely inexpensive upfront, so they might seem like a good option for someone trying to save money. However, space heaters are very inefficient. They draw a lot of power and can significantly raise your electric bill, making them the most expensive heating option over time. Central heating is a far superior option. [Read More]